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Linkedin’s Decision to Remove Products & Services Page

by dianay April 14, 2014
Linkedin’s Radical Decision I was postponing the publication of this post in the hopes of seeing the decision of removing the Product and Services page  levied. Not going to happen.  This post questions the rational of this decision and attempts readmore

3 Simple Ways To Jump-Start The New Year

by dianay January 2, 2014
3 Simple Ways To Jump-Start The New Year
Welcome to 2014 everyone across the globe!  As you plan your first week of the year, here are 3 nuggets to include in your must-do list: 1. Let’s get digital, social, socio-digital. First things first, if you’re not into the social readmore

Equity Crowdfunding: Meet Paul

by dianay January 8, 2013
Helping clients to see their company or brand from a consumer’s perspective is what I enjoy doing best. This process involves many steps. Storyboarding, for one. Illustrating a customer using a service in a visual format (slide deck, video) is readmore

My Gift To You

by dianay December 18, 2012
You may remember the Velecta Paramount social media campaign I led in 2011. I was literally obsessed with the idea of having every Canadian woman own the translucid hair dryer in one of seven snazzy shades. “it was only a hair dryer”. Why did readmore

Democratizing Investment: Join Us!

by dianay October 1, 2012
Democratizing Investment: Join Us!
ICC-Quebec: Work in Progress What have we been up to at Invest Crowdfund Canda-Quebec (ICCQ) since my last post? Keeping busy advocating to our community. For  one, putting together nuggets of business intelligence, two, building our team and three engaging readmore