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Some 20 years ago, a successful entrepreneur once said

“Companies that are able to attach a story or face to their offer will buy more memory time from their customers, which means more WOM.”  Chip Conley, The Rebel Rules,

We first began writing short stories for businesses in 2003, as we recognized the need to storytell in order to obtain management buy-in as well as that of customers. Illustrating a new service in a real-life setting (story) gave greater meaning to the concept.

Stories connect people and trigger action. We build them with your values and your legacy in mind to make sure your audience knows and feels what you’re all about.

We use the age-old three-act story model proven the most effective in producing desired outcome. Today, it has gained momentum in many industries: services, communications, retail, IT, industrial, etc… This technique, initially found in the entertainment industry, is now widely used in marketing campaigns, business proposals or pitches to convince or trigger action.

We believe that a smart mix of human imagery, sketches, avatars and screen shots make for a highly compelling story. Other techniques such as video combined to fixed images are also available. We bring a team of scenarists, photographs/videographers and writers to capture the meaning of the story and best incarnate your vision.

Give us your business challenge and we’ll make it a compelling story for you and your team to act upon.