“Your Crowdfunding Campaign Has Been Removed. Apologies.”

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“Your Crowdfunding Campaign Has Been Removed. Apologies.”

by dianay September 23, 2014 Tag ,,,

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Note :  This post is not about taking stances but addressing questions from a societal perspective without regards to the cause.

I was called out some days ago by my friend @Kate to share my thoughts on Gofundme’s position with regards to its decision of removing “Stop Bailey From Breeding Fund”. Bailey turned to crowdfunding to pay for her abortion.

Sources commenting on this controversial matter are diverse. Pro-life blogs have an obvious bias against that young lady wishing to terminate her pregnancy and hence the story line is raw and demeaning. Other editorials sites are showing a young lady with a tough life who doesn’t want to impose her lifestyle to another human being. Sh- happens. I think we need to remember how we weren’t saints either, growing up. Perhaps some of us avoided the worst by having a strong support system but this is not everyone’s fortune.  Fast forward, Bailey’s campaign became the center of attention, good and bad. And for reasons beyond my knowledge because I do not have all the facts, Gofundme decided to remove the campaign.

This decision raises questions. Is Gofundme pro-life? Did they receive threats? There can be a slew of reasons. And unfortunately I don’t have the answers. But considering how Bailey was threatened and harassed, I would not be surprised if the platform had experienced the same treatment.

Regardless, I cannot help but ask “are crowdfunding platforms in over their heads?  Is approval becoming a personal judgement call?”.

Let’s remember that crowdfunding is yet another formidable democratic lever. With crowdfunding, poverty is alleviated in certain parts of the world, remedies to diseases are found, people get a roof over the heads, animals are rescued. Let us remember this and not let our judgment get in the way.



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