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Linkedin’s Decision to Remove Products & Services Page

by dianay April 14, 2014
Linkedin’s Radical Decision I was postponing the publication of this post in the hopes of seeing the decision of removing the Product and Services page  levied. Not going to happen.  This post questions the rational of this decision and attempts readmore

3 Simple Ways To Jump-Start The New Year

by dianay January 2, 2014
3 Simple Ways To Jump-Start The New Year
Welcome to 2014 everyone across the globe!  As you plan your first week of the year, here are 3 nuggets to include in your must-do list: 1. Let’s get digital, social, socio-digital. First things first, if you’re not into the social readmore

A look back at LBM Panel – WebcomMtl

by dianay May 29, 2012
A look back at LBM Panel – WebcomMtl
As previously announced, the panel I moderated at Webcom featured Location-based marketing (LBM) evangelist, Aaron Strout (@aaronstrout) and four of our Canadian thought-leaders on the subject – Sebastien Provencher, Laurent Maisonnave, Mohamed Kahlain. We discussed the future of LBM and how/if Canadian businesses should invest readmore

Workshop: Twitter in Business

by dianay April 20, 2012
I had the opportunity to do create and present a workshop on Twitter for businesses catered to a francophone group of entrepreneurs and consultants. I’m presently setting up two new workshops on Twitter Chat and How to Engage for the readmore

Aaron Strout on Location-based Marketing

by dianay November 16, 2011
Aaron Strout speaks of his latest book on Location-based Marketing. What it means for businesses - big or small- and how to engage customers is how I can best sum up this great interview. Here's to hearing more of readmore