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Linkedin’s Decision to Remove Products & Services Page

by dianay April 14, 2014
Linkedin’s Radical Decision I was postponing the publication of this post in the hopes of seeing the decision of removing the Product and Services page  levied. Not going to happen.  This post questions the rational of this decision and attempts readmore

Why We Should Pay Attention to These Women

by dianay May 31, 2012
I was asked to moderate a fine group of women entrepreneurs May 17 at Webcom Montreal. I enjoyed hearing their stories during our prep meetings. Each of them have their own unique journey and their reasons to go online. The readmore

The Intelligent Enterprise or Making Tiramisu

by dianay December 6, 2009
Writing about the Intelligent Enterprise was slowly maturing with a stack of ideas playing tag in my mind. This post translates my view at the present and will, as we humans work, evolve with time. So stay tuned. I recently readmore