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A look back at LBM Panel – WebcomMtl

by dianay May 29, 2012
A look back at LBM Panel – WebcomMtl
As previously announced, the panel I moderated at Webcom featured Location-based marketing (LBM) evangelist, Aaron Strout (@aaronstrout) and four of our Canadian thought-leaders on the subject – Sebastien Provencher, Laurent Maisonnave, Mohamed Kahlain. We discussed the future of LBM and how/if Canadian businesses should invest readmore

Workshop: Twitter in Business

by dianay April 20, 2012
I had the opportunity to do create and present a workshop on Twitter for businesses catered to a francophone group of entrepreneurs and consultants. I’m presently setting up two new workshops on Twitter Chat and How to Engage for the readmore

Happy B-day Foursquare!

by dianay April 16, 2012
Happy B-day Foursquare!
Here we have it. Two Years already ! And it just happens to be my 1000th check-in. It seemed so much longer! I began checking-in on another continent. At times, I find myself looking at my check-in history and feeling readmore

Aaron Strout on Location-based Marketing

by dianay November 16, 2011
Aaron Strout speaks of his latest book on Location-based Marketing. What it means for businesses - big or small- and how to engage customers is how I can best sum up this great interview. Here's to hearing more of readmore