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Aaron Strout on Location-based Marketing

Hello Community!

I am proud to introduce my first guest, Aaron Strout, co-author of Location-Based Marketing for Dummies. Aaron and I had a long chat on Location-based Marketing and what it means for businesses – big and small.
For those of you who have yet to meet Aaron, he is based in Austin (Texas) and has 17 years experience in the digital world. His bio will be presented in the first segment “About you”. There is lots of data and insight in store so take out your ipads. And, so you know, our conversation was done through Skype and editing through iMovie so please be forgiving 😉

Again,  thanks Aaron for sharing !

[wpvideo 5j20HYvf]



[wpvideo b9qlpMIo]

[wpvideo 1YNKMo8f]

[wpvideo YV6d6wGX]

[wpvideo W4U5WyMA]


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