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How social is #Linkedin?

I had someone tell me just yesterday that you cannot toy with Linkedin, that it’s not another social network but a professional one with a strict user agreement policy etc…Does this imply that social networks are not “serious” engagement points. Then why allow content sharing across social platforms including Linkedin?

Let’s face it, from the moment we chose to have our blog posts, tweets, and facebook comments fed on to Linkedin, we are sending out a strong message: “Current and future employers, partners, clients, let me introduce you to my world and this is what I have to say about it. Here’s to hoping you will come to appreciate me for who I am AND my professional credentials”.

I don’t know about you but my social feeds are quite eclectic. I can tweet on the latest tech gadget, a formidable classical musical piece or write a post on retail customer care . This says a lot about who I am. A programmer may code in Python yet tweet on his latest wine-tasting expedition, does that make him less of a coder? I think we all know the answer to that. Yet, I’m sure people refrain from having their tweets shared on Linkedin for that reason. Heck, if HR really wants to know who YOU are before hiring you, they’ll find out what they need to know on most social platforms.

In short, online professional networks have evolved, they are part of the social landscape. Time to face the music. Be yourself!

Agree/disagree? Please write. I’d love to read contrasting views on this!


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  1. Sofia Fiore says:

    I believe staying professional on Linkedin is very important. Although, being professional on other social media platforms such Facebook, is also necessary. That is not to say you shouldn’t be being yourself. Skills and different hobbies are aspects your potential employer wants to see so being too professional on all your social networks may come off as being ‘boring’.

    So yes, I agree that you should be yourself. However, it’s also crucial to remember that whatever you post online, other people are going to see it. Even if you decide to delete it, others will have already seen it.

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