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Mojostreet Review: an “Unseamless” Login Experience – #LBM

One of the key take-aways when I try a new #social or #location app is the login step. Seamless, simple and least clicks would be my top 3.  I was introduced to Mojostreet as I was listening to Asif Khan and Rob Woodbridge’s location-based marketing podcast. Considering the number of apps I’ve tried – foursquare, gowalla, banjo, yelp, echoer – I expected a smooth authentification experience, i.e. single sign-on with Facebook or Twitter, since today 50% of sites/apps offer Facebook SSO for new users. (see Determining a single-sign on solution for your website). I chose Twitter. At this point, I’m on my mac. Then after registering, I switched to my iphone app and there, I could only get to chose Facebook and so I did. First question: why are there not the same ID layers on both mobile and web?

Yet still, I didn’t foresee any issue since my login info for both Twitter and Facebook is the same, right? Wrong. I got an error message saying that another person with the same name has subscribed already.  Yes, that same person is me! Argh, pain point. I realize that Mojostreet is in beta mode (or is it?), but isn’t the no.1 priority for location-based apps to attract as many users as possible? And to think that 350$M funding came of this.

When e-commerce was at its infancy stage, I remember hearing frequently how crucial it was for e-stores to offer a coherent experience across touch points (web, point-of-sale, mobile). I would think that this rule of thumb should apply even more so to applications even if they are cloud-based. #justsayin.


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  1. HI Dianay

    Thanks for pointing it out. I agree with the twitter not being available on the mobile app. We will try to add it to the mobile app too. As for your twitter and FB credentials being same,it does not matter. As they are two different services, we cannot in anyway assume your accounts with same credentials to be same.

    thanks again

    • dianay says:

      Thanks for responding. My FB and Twitter credentials being the same is the issue. Now I cannot use the mobile version because it says that someone else has signed in with same credentials (me). The other solution would be to change my email login on Facebook to distinguish both identities and only then could I sign in seamlessly on the mobile version. But I will not. I chose to have the same email login on both FB and tw and I’m hoping that you will find a solution for that common use case (I’m sure there are many of us with this behaviour). Best, Di

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