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Should we invest more ad$$ in Location-Based Marketing?

by dianay April 5, 2012
I will be moderating this great panel on Location-based Marketing with Aaron Strout himself, our LBM expert that will be joining us directly from Austin, TX as I hoped! When: May 16, 2012 For more info : Web-com Montreal Location-Based Marketing (LBM), readmore

Aaron Strout on Location-based Marketing

by dianay November 16, 2011
Aaron Strout speaks of his latest book on Location-based Marketing. What it means for businesses - big or small- and how to engage customers is how I can best sum up this great interview. Here's to hearing more of readmore

Conference : Social Networks for the Small Business

by dianay November 15, 2011
Conference : Social Networks for the Small Business
The following presentation was catered to the francophone SME community. At Yazziness, we are fluent in both English and French. Diana also offers training and seminars to english-speaking audiences. Please contact us ! Réseaux sociaux pour les TPE : mon readmore

Aaron Strout, Social Marketer

by dianay September 25, 2009
Aaron gathers an amazing panel and I especially enjoy the out-of-the-box questions on toothpaste community. I’m a fan of his as I’ve since had the chance to read his posts, get introduced to new sm tools and share thoughts. Thxs readmore