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[Benchmark] Crowdfunding Campaigns Across 50 Categories

by dianay August 20, 2014
[Benchmark] Crowdfunding Campaigns Across Categories Datamining, crowdsourcing style. Hats off to the team at Panabee for crunching the data of 750 campaigns and highlighting teachings. Suffice it to say that these can be applied to all crowdfunding models: donation, reward, readmore

Twitter Gets It in 3-2-1

by dianay August 19, 2014
Twitter Gets It in 3-2-1
Twitter Gets It in 3-2-1 Twitter is letting everyone know that it has many tricks up its sleeve. As of late, Twitter generalized the launch of Tweet Analytics and Promoted Video, to the satisfaction of  many. Other social platforms may have come readmore

Crowdfunding Tip-of-the-day: People Buy the “Why”

by dianay August 16, 2014
Crowdfunding Tip-of-the-day: People Buy the “Why”
Crowdfunding Tip-of-the-day: People Buy the “Why” Listening back to Simon Sinek’s talk on the law of diffusion of innovation. People do not buy what you do but why you do it. Because it’s easy to outline the features of your readmore

[Equity Crowdfunding Panel] Take-Aways and Then Some

by dianay June 10, 2014
Equity Crowdfunding Panel:  Take-Aways and Then Some There’s nothing I enjoy more in conferences than engaging discussion in a panel. I have to say this time, I was a tad reluctant. The idea of discussing a crowd-triggered financing model without readmore

Linkedin’s Decision to Remove Products & Services Page

by dianay April 14, 2014
Linkedin’s Radical Decision I was postponing the publication of this post in the hopes of seeing the decision of removing the Product and Services page  levied. Not going to happen.  This post questions the rational of this decision and attempts readmore