Diana Yazidjian

Over the span of 15 years, Diana has built a reputation as an entrepreneur, partner and early adopter of technology solutions. She launched her first venture in 1998, consulting for retail businesses. Her first internet endeavours as an entrepreneur began in the late 90’s:  she co-wrote a study on Quebec e-commerce which gave way to a first book on Canadian e-commerce – Retail-ca: Connecting with Canadian E-Shoppers – in collaboration with the prestigious marketing research firm JCWilliams, designed one of the first studies on micro-marketing for Pharmacies Jean Coutu, as well as the first content portal, Vision1to1, for Essilor, the leader in corrective lenses. Her experience extended on to Customer Relationship Management and its respective applications. Diana was also adjunct professor of Marketing at l’Ecole des sciences de la gestion, formerly a member of Competitive Intelligence Association and the Canadian Marketing Association.

Moving to France, Diana joined Orange-France Telecom, leading the company in its transformation to a customer-centric organization and overseeing more than twenty technology innovations. It was during this time that she became one of the first executives in France to harness the power of Twitter to engage with customers and peers. Diana was among a group of early adopters and influencers who became known for their thought leadership on topics relating to customer service best practices and multi-channel servicing consistency.

Diana realized the power and potential of social media marketing early in its development. Upon her return to Montreal, she used social media and personal networking, as well as traditional media, to help convince a French manufacturer and its Canadian distributor to import a line of products that was not available in the local market. Diana knew there was a great opportunity after having surveyed potential users off and online. As a result, the products are now on the shelves in specialized stores. The effort allowed her to develop a new methodology to create awareness with a mix of social and traditional media outreach.

In December 2011, Diana launched DFY Consulting (formerly Yazziness), a service company that coaches start-ups, SMEs and associations in how to win more business, adopt e-commerce tactics and better service their markets while improving their social presence with the right strategies and tools.

Diana is a sought after speaker at marketing and corporate events, an active member in Montreal’s start-up community and a prolific blogger. She set up the IT blog at Direction Informatique magazine.

Diana is consistently riding the wave of new technology. She also co-founded Equity Crowdfunding Quebec to create awareness around this financing model, through different talks and events. Also as ambassador for the NCFA, she shares her views and insight on the current state.ncfa_logo

Diana earned her MBA from the Université du Québec à Montréal specializing in Business Management and Marketing. She currently resides in Montreal.

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