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My First Find

by dianay November 23, 2011

My first find is for you, Ladies. Having spent a few years in France, I discovered some great finds aside from wine and cheese. The Paramount TGR 3600.velecta_colors

Who said a hair dryer had to be cumbersome and dull? The light and compact Velecta Paramount TGR3600 available in 8 dazzling shades. Handcrafted in France, it’s sturdy, powerful, made to last and COLOURFUL.My French hairdresser introduced me to the brand.

When I returned to Montreal, the first thing I did is go look for one. They’re only found in black. Had to have it so I had it shipped from France. For those of you who do regular brushings, I curl like a sheep and it’s just pure bliss when you can do your thing for 30 minutes or so without having the hairdryer pause on you or smoke make a grand entry!

Ask @Buyosphere

Some additional features : feather-weight (only 350 g), extra long and thick cord, 2 nozzles, low-sound, all the pro features in one. Friend and CEO of Buyosphere, Tara Hunt, tested it and was amazed at the result. This is what she had to say :

“I’ve been needing a good hairdryer for a couple of years now, but the amount of choice out there is a bit daunting. Then Diana showed me this one…I mean LITERALLY showed it to me. She brought it over to my house and let me use it after wetting my hair. It’s fantastic. I also love the colors!”

I’ve since been crusading this find to social communities (facebookmybuyosphere) and salons bringing it wherever I go. My hairstylist enjoys using it. I’d love to see them hit the shelves across Canada!


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