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Jaffe Juice on Flip The Funnel

by dianay February 23, 2012

I’m proud to introduce my third guest, Joseph Jaffe aka @jaffejuice.

Before introducing Joseph’s impressive bio, let me begin with one of his numerous catch-phrases that should drive us every morning:

How do you kill a dinosaure, you don’t. EVOLUTION does.

Blogger @ Jaffe Juice and podcaster @ Jaffe Juice TV, Joseph “walks the talk”. He is a well-spoken, brilliant marketer who dares to challenge traditional business models. His forward out-of-the-box thinking is recognized by many blue chip clients like P&G, The Coca-Cola Company, American Airlines and Motorola.He has appeared on NBC, ABC, Bloomberg, NY Times…He also holds monthly conversations into the Digital Marketing and Social Media landscape with Canadian Mitch Joel.

“Jo” just launched Evol8tion which we’ll be chatting about in this first segment. A company about matchmaking early stage startups with blue chip brands, helping startups find their brand soulmates.  Jo is about identifying the next wave that’s about to crisp. He is provocative in his own right and reveals pain points for all the good reasons : to bring about change.

[wpvideo brvdVGHf]

We also talked about his latest excellent book Flip The Funnel, the first two being Life After The 30-Second Spot and  Join The Conversation. In this segment, Jo challenges the groupthink, brings strong business cases to the table – Go Daddy and Apple – plus a humorous South-African example of how customer service needs to be connected in a digitally-connected and social world. Enjoy the conversation.

[wpvideo sLQLqd9x]


[wpvideo ZtlgZecz]


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  1. Thanks for the post and interview. I have just started exploring the Evol8tion website, and find it fascinating. Definitely something to think about for startups/founders like myself. I look forward to your future posts and interviews, Diana!

    • dianay says:

      Hi Michelle! Jo has set out a challenging goal: matchmaking ad agencies and tech start-ups right from the start. He believes that the reason why a majority of start-ups do not succeed is because they have the idea but not the brand identity. This form of partnership makes for a good start-up strategy. There’s a great start-up community in Montreal also. Check out montreal start-up group on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/groups/montreal.startup.people. A vibrant community full of passionate individuals.

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